About Mountain Cultivation

Mountain Cultivation Structures & Systems was founded in 2017, under the Mountec Industrial Group, as an EPCM service specializing in the infrastructure required for the quickly blooming legal cannabis market.  With so many companies entering the new space there was an overwhelming demand for industrial and commercial scale facilities over a very short period of a few years.  This resulted in construction companies with little to zero experience in cannabis cultivation and its requirements taking on the demand. The fall out of this was many general contractors building facilities designed by high dollar architectural firms that would result in a horribly performing structure and budget over runs, that then compounded by the soon rising operating costs and low performing crops due to poor design. MCSS set out to provide owners and cultivators with engineered solutions tailored specifically to their needs at a lower capital investment and reduced operating costs.

Unlike most EPCM firms, Mountain Cultivation has in-house fabrication abilities. Along with being a certified pre-engineered steel building provider, we can provide clients anything from preliminary designs for licence applications, modular and containerized solutions for the hobbyists and craft growers, up to providing turn-key pre-engineered building packages complete with insulated panels into the ten thousand tons+ of steel and Million+ square feet of floor space.