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As a member of Mountec Industrial Group, Mountain Cultivation-Structures & Systems, specializes in artificial environment enclosures and vertical farming technology.  As world populations boom towards 10 billion, and billions begin to rise from poverty over the coming years, the first demand pressure comes from food, The desire to eat better. This often translates to deforestation and development that can decimate land not only for growing fruits and vegetables for human consumption, but for grain and animal feed. The rise in demand for farmland to be used for growing AND livestock puts an even greater strain on our already scarce farmable land.

With the effects of climate change potentially putting traditional land and methods at very high risk we must drastically change our food supply. A huge contributor to the climate issue is the use of fossil fuels not only in the farming method itself with tractors and equipment used, there is massive carbon emissions from the truck, train and ship transport of food around the world to your local supermarket. These exotic fruits and vegetables are often picked before they are ripe, and come from other countries where lands are cleared of everything and converted to single crop production, with the heavy use of water and pesticides that can damage the local ecosystem and take away from the local ability to produce any other crops. These methods often lead to conflicts, supply and pricing shocks, on top of the environmental devastation.

There is a better way to do food. By utilizing new farming methods and technology, land and water use can be lowered by over 90% and produce food directly where it will be consumed. Capitalizing on renewable energy and energy storage, along with specifically engineered buildings that can re-create any environment on earth. Inside, we can grow anything, anywhere on this planet; and others.

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